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Inspirit Online Pet Guide

One of the unique feature in this games is pet system. Your pet will give you additional stat,to make your character stronger. You will find a lot of different pet here,with different class. You can ride some of your pet by pressing F5, and some pet have unique abilty like remote storage or repairing your broken equipment.

Pet Guide :
1. How to level up your pet.
The first thing you have to do is simply open the pet menu by pressing L button. Pick one pet that you want to level up,than choose one up to eight other pets that you want sacrifices. The best pet to sacrifices is Rich Eggmelon.

pet g

2. How to fuse your pet.
Just like before,simply press the L button to open your pet menu. Click the Fuse menu. You can fuse two type of pets with maximum level (level 10).

pet g 1
3. How to evolve your pet.
Open the pet menu, click the evolve menu. You can evolve 2 pets with the same species of unique rating in maximum level. You will charge about 19 gold to do this. But if you doubt to do this just don’t do it. because it’s have a big posibilities in failure and you will loose one of your pet.

pet g 2

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